• If I need support, how would I contact you?

          Mail to us at support@sparkBootcampUniversity.org


  • I am an outstation candidate. I do not know well about Bangalore. Do you have any special provision?

            Yes, Spark Bootcamp does. The program has been structured in such a way that it encourages an outstation candidate to attend the course and get employment. You, if selected, may come down and stay at a facility close to the centre, work on live products, and then get hired by programming or analytics companies.

  • What are the steps after online test?

      After online test, you will be intimated if you are shortlisted for the interview. If you are in Bangalore, you will come to office for interview. If you are outside of Bangalore, you will undergo a skype interview.

  • How much fee I have to pay to attend the course and placement?

            Under current provision, you do not have to pay any fee till you get a job in programming or analytics. Spark Bootcamp is designed and developed by software companies. After you go through the bootcamp, you will be evaluated by these companies and others. You stand the best chance of earning a job, if you are serious in bootcamp. You will pay fees only after you earn a job.

  • How many engineers you will take in for bootcamp?

Currently the requirement is for 1000 engineers in this financial year for the published software companies. This is in line with the larger goal of Spark Bootcamp to create massive number of high-quality software developers in all parts of India for many more companies.


  • What is the location of your office and training centre?

          CFA Technologies Private Limited
          #9, 17th A Main, 5th Block,

          2nd Floor, FirstCry Building

          (opposite to eZone on 100' Road)
          Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095


  • Who can register for online test?

          All engineers, MCAs, Msc(IT)s, and final year students can register for the online test. But you would be able to join only when you are selected for the programme.


  • How do I appear the online test?

          You have to do the following:

  1. Register for the test "Spark Bootcamp Entrance Test".
  2. The test duration is 1 hour. Hence make sure that you have one hour of time before  beginning to appear the test
  3. Once you are ready to take the test, click "enrol me"
  4. You would be able to see the test now. Once you are done with it, you will be informed about the result in a few days
  • What kind of questions would I have to solve in online test?

           It would be mostly aptitude and logical. The test duration is one hour


  • Is there negative marking in the test?



  • Is there any instruction I need to know before appearing the online test?
  1.               Do not waste too much time on one question which appears difficult to you
  2.               Attempt questions you can solve
  3.               There is a navigation frame on right displaying exactly the questions you have not attempted. Hence you can always come back to unattempted questions later.
  4.               If you have attempted a question but not sure about the result, then mark the answer you think is right, and flag it through clicking "flag" button. Since navigation frame would show you the questions flagged, you can always come back to them and re-solve it.


  • When do I get to know the result?

          In a few days after you appeared the test. If you haven't received your result within 48 hours from the test, please send a mail to support@sparkBootcampUniversity.org


  • Is there any other test I have to appear after this online test?

          Yes. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to come to our office to appear interview. Or if they are outside of Bangalore, there will be a skype interview. Then the final list of selected candidates will be published.

  • How is Spark Bootcamp different from other training institutes?

          Unlike other training institutes, Spark Bootcamp is created, designed and developed by software companies with the goal of producing massive number of quality software developers throughout India. It is the only bootcamp focusing on algorithm and jobs. 

  • How many students have earned jobs after they have completed course in spark bootcamp?

          Please see the link to know the detail.

  • Why is the placement of Spark Bootcamp so successful when other training institutes have only 10% successful placement?

          There are a few reasons behind it.

  1.          Spark Bootcamp is designed by a number of software companies who regularly hire from it
  2.          You will go through an intense course on algorithm and data structure. The companies need this skill much more than any other for a production work in a live project
  3.          You will experience an all-round training on programming, aptitude, logical, communications apart from work in projects. Hence you are much more prepared than others to perform well in a productive environment


  • Please tell us structure of SPARK Bootcamp

          SPARK is a six-months long packaged, structured and integrated programming bootcamp & recruitment catering to modern needs of hiring by software companies.  This is a rigorous and intense bootcamp intended to teach all subjects needed in hiring by software companies - Aptitude, Logical, Programming, Database and Communications.

After the initial one-month classroom session, two activities begin: (i) Recruitment by a string of companies for five months, (ii) Industry-connect projects for two months. People who get jobs through recruitment are allowed to leave projects and join companies.

The above-mentioned attributes are the critical ones that the software companies look for while hiring engineering graduates. Hence a thorough and professional preparation combined with industry-connect projects on the subjects prepare an engineering graduate for a programming job in good software companies.


  • Do you have placement service?

         Recruitment activities form a critical activity of SPARK.

Visit here to know the companies that have confirmed participating in the placement of Jul2017 batch.

Visit here to know the companies that have hired trainees of previous batches.

SPARK values recruitment very critically. It aims to provide and facilitate jobs for all the trainees. It has demonstrated the bootcamp before several software companies in the form of workshops. Hence a long list of software companies come for placement at the end of SPARK bootcamp.

Additionally programmers of several software companies have gone through the bootcamp. Visit testimonials  to go through the feedbacks provided by several software companies.


  • Are we guaranteed a job at end of SPARK bootcamp?

          No guarantee. If any institute is guaranteeing jobs, most likely it's over-promising to you.

No company ever hires someone without evaluation. Not even from IIT. When companies go to IIT campus, the students go through the evaluation process duly, and get selected or rejected.

In the similar fashion, during the six-month structure of spark bootcamp, you will go through a very structured way of study and preparation on fundamental attributes. These attributes like algorithm, data structure are most essential to become a worldclass developer.

After one-month of classroom, you will be going through recruitment session along with project work, and if you do well, you will begin your programming career on a high note.

Visit here to check result of previous batch.


  • What types of jobs available through SPARK Bootcamp? And how much would be the salary range?

          Only programming jobs  are allowed in placement in SPARK Bootcamp.

  •  What is the timing of SPARK bootcamp?

            It’s 10 AM to 6 PM every weekday from Monday to Friday.


  • Do you have centre anywhere other than in Bangalore?

          Currently no. But we will establish centres in other IT-centric locations in future.